Saturday, April 4, 2009

Obeying God...How Hard IS THAT??

Well, I've decided to TRY to write down my various thoughts, feelings, etc 'musings' as a servant to my Lord and Savior.
Have you ever really thought about how hard(or easy) it is to obey God? I have and for me, it's pretty darn hard. Don't get me wrong, not ALL of the time, just some of the time. I feel alot like Paul when he says something like the harder he tries, the worse it becomes or is to do right(that is a Kathy paraphrase). I feel just like that alot of the time. It seems like I WANT to do good/right....I even TRY very hard and then something(the devil) comes along and bites me right in the behind
It seems that humans have ingrained in them to WANT to please SOMEone from the get-go. We have parents, teachers, friends, bosses, spouses....we want them to be proud of us, don't we??? I know I did AND still do! BUT as I was sitting here tonight 'musing' on this.....I realized that the ONLY one who I really need to please is God! AND, if I listen to Him with my heart and spirit and then obey(or try to the best of my ability) I WILL be pleasing to Him. Yea!!
BUT, the flip-side of this is it's actually EASIER to NOT listen or obey God. The devil and all his counter-parts do all within their power(and don't be deceived, the devil has much control on this earth(for a season it IS his time) to basically make our lives miserable. It's up to us if they succeed or not; just as it's our choice and ours alone if we obey God.

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