Sunday, April 5, 2009

Build a Boat

Today, we live in a broken, fallen, and sinful world. It's not much different than the world in which Noah lived in hundreds of years ago back when God told him to 'build a boat' and he(that would be Noah) did. I found out today that the name, Noah, means comfort or relief. When he was born, his father, Lamech was 182 years old. wow! I don't think I'd LIKE to be having kids at THAT age :) Read in Genesis 5:29 to find out why he named his son, Noah.
God was very unhappy(and that's putting it very mild) with the state of the world that He'd created. So he came up with a cure for this broken world in the form of Noah(who had found favor in the eyes of the Lord) build a boat....a BIG boat. Because He(God) was gonna flood the entire earth killing every living person and creature/living being except for Noah and his family.
Of course, God DID promise(by way of a sign...the rainbow) that He would NEVER destroy the earth in that manner again. But the flood did take care of the problem............for awhile anyways....but we are all sinners and come short...way short thus bringing me back to my very first statement....
Today's cure is the cross/Jesus Christ. Jesus redeemed us of the curse by becoming the curse/taking ALL sin on Himself. Read John 14....I am the way, the truth, the life---no man comes to the Father except through me...meaning Jesus.

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  1. Your synopsis makes a pastor proud! Maybe I should let you preach this week :-)