Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Do You EVER Have Doubts?

THAT is the question for the day and lemme tell ya, I DO and alot of times. Something I'm NOT very proud of either. When I/we have doubts, then that shows our lack of faith and/or trust in God and HIS love, power, grace and many others.
How does God feel when we doubt Him?
Think about it. How do WE feel when someone doubts us about ANYthing?
Do ya think God feels much differently than we do? I seriously 'doubt' it(pun intended).
I was listening to the radio last night on the way to bowl and heard something so neat. The pastor(and his name escapes me...sorry) was talking about our faith in God and he stated the verse that says...."if we had the faith of a grain of mustard seed....we could move a mountain." He said that it ISN't really a matter of OUR faith so much as our putting God's will above all else. He said that SIZE of faith isn't an issue because look how small a tiny mustard seed is BUT look at what it grows into...a GIANT Oak.
If we were to ALWAYS put God first no matter what the issue may or may not be and NOT rely on US....we could also 'move a mountain' or grow into a mighty oaktree. We tend to have faith(or know/accept) that God CAN do all things....even through US....what we tend to forget or slack on is the totally turning it over to HIS WILL and KNOWING within ourselves that HE is in control and it's gonna be just fine(even without OUR help).
Trust and Faith work together...I personally don't feel you can have one without the other.
My goal beginning this week is to start TRUSTING God with all things involving me to the point that before long when things happen, I will automatically have FAITH that HE will take care of me and(Praise God!!) He IS in control!
God bless you and let's ALL work on our Faith!!

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