Monday, April 6, 2009

God is Good...

.... all the time. All the time......
God IS good! We used to say that ALOT in our church and it was said with excitement because we knew that our God IS good and He IS good ALL the time!
Sometimes I tend to forget just how good God really is. Do you? Do we tend to take ALOT of circumstances for granted and not give credit where credit is due and that's to God??? Think about it. Every little AND big circumstance or happening or event or whatever you wish to call it comes from God. What's so totally AMAZING to me is the fact that He knows it's gonna happen already(before the fact)! He knows the outcome and only He has the reasons(that count!) for all the WHYS. We need to trust Him totally with all our heart/soul/mind and love and show says in the Bible to EVEN love our ENEMIES!!! Probably they need our love more than ever! I'm gonna make it a point this week to work on showing God's love(let it shine through me) to others that I MAYbe wouldn't normally show love to and just see what happens! I'll betcha GOOD things will happen.
ACTUALLY, I think I may try to see how MANY of the fruit of the Spirit I can show to my fellow friends and folks I don't know this week.
Do you know what the fruit(s) of the Spirit are? Also, didja notice that LOVE is listed FIRST??
OK, for those who do NOT know they can be found in Galations 5:22-23 and they are:
2) Joy
3) Peace
4) Patience
5) Kindness
6) Goodness
7) Faithfulness
8) Gentleness
9) Self-Control
How many can YOU be successful with this week???
God bless and have a great Monday(and YES, that IS possible!! ;)

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